Ah! My Goddess
(aka Oh My Goddess,
aka Aa! Megami Sama)
Classification: Anime
Description: The Leader's favorite anime series of all time! Touching love story whose injections of cuteness add a strong comedic element.
Links: AnimEigo Ah! My Goddess Page Official page of the company that originally brought the series to the US.
Dark Horse Comics The company that brought us the manga, plus much more! Lots of cool stuff.
100% Goddess The reigning fanlisting champ.
Oh My Goddess! Webring Self-explanatory.
All Things Kawaii All Things Kawaii
(Kawaii = Cute: kah-why-eee)
Classification: Website
Description: Very comprehensive source for cuteness on the Web. Strong Sanrio tendencies.
Links: This is it! (Contains tons of links.)
Azumanga Daioh! Azumanga Daioh
(ah-zoo-maan-ga da-yo)
Classification: Anime
Description: Hyper-cute and rather wacky story of child prodigy Chiyo-chan and her Japanese high schoolmates and their daily adventures.
Links: The Cult's Ode (Contains links to official pages, etc.)
See Also: Anime