G-On Riders
("G" doesn't stand for "gangsta" in this case...)
Classification: Meganekko Heaven
Description: Alien Invasion? Who you gonna call? Who else - bespectacled Japanese schoolgirls! With the character designer and director behind Hand Maid May at the helm and a lead character named Ai, it's gotta be cute (Yes, the Leader is biased)! Currently only available via fansub - the Leader demands this series get a proper release in the US!

A Whole Mess of Scans of Pics Related to the Series
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Galaxy Angel
(Demonstrating the cute potential of choice headgear)
Classification: Anime

Official Japanese Site
Proper Fanlisting-type Site

(Better known as "bush babies")
Classification: Nocturnal Primate Critter
Description: I seem to recall an episode of the Simpsons that made a humorous reference to these strange little creatures, alluding to the fact that - like many of the creatures included in the Cute Compendium - while they may look cute, they are still wild animals, and as such, aren't necessarily as nice as they look.

A Ton of Links Dedicated to Galagos
A Scientific Type Discussion

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Classification: Mammalia Carnivora Viverridae
Description: An especially cute type of civet. And again, an influence on the visual geneology of the Cult's mascot - Akitsu.

Information on Small Carnivores

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