Hand Maid May
("May" I help you?)
Classification: Anime
Description: Another underrated favorite of The Leader. How can you deny the cuteness of May - the hyper-perky doll-sized helper of perennial nerd Kazuya? You can't I tell ya! Factor in one robot octopus, a gaggle of other wacky characters, and a bouncy theme song by the now famous Puffy Ami Yumi (credited here as the "P-Chicks"), and you've got a winner on your hands...or given May's sub-pint size - IN your hands! Yes, it's a little more racy or risque than we tend to endorse here at The Cult, but it still manages to retain a genuine innocence, and in our opinion, the combination of these traits is a testament to the show's genius. Oh yeah, it's cute.
Official Japanese Page
(As usual, a nice site...if you know Japanese.)
Maid to Order (A very nice fan site)
See Also: G-on Riders (another series from the character designer of HMM)