(Pine, etc.)
Classification: Critter
Description: The missing link between ferret-type critters and foxes, these apparently rather vicious little creatures look anything but, and I'd undoubtedly be like Sakaki-san to the Kamineko if I ever saw one in person. With their oversized fuzzy feet and tendency to sit up on their hind quarters to check things out ("He thinks he's people!"), martens are one of the cutest of the cute wild animals out there in The Leader's opinion, and we hear they are a major part of Akitsu's bloodline. ^_^ Freakin' adorable!!
Pine Martens
(Delivers what it promises, pure and simple - info on, and some nice pics of - pine martens.)
American Marten
(Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Marten Info Page - w/links to more)

There's actually a lot of info about these little critters on the Web. I attribute this popularity to...what else? Their gosh-darn cuteness!