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Classification: Character Gallery
Description: Repository for countless cute character designs and works of art.
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Classification: Lagomorph
Description: Many of you are probably familiar with "Pikachu," but have you heard of these little critters that probably were a partial inspiration for that preeminently cute character? They might look like mice, but they're actually more closely related to rabbits (thus the added cuteness)!
All About Pikas!
Pikas are endangered! Go here to learn more.
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(Pokémon #025)
Classification: Electric Rodent
Description: This cute little critter (nobody seems to know if it's a he or she) is probably responsible for more unofficial enlistings in the Cult than any other in the compendium. Fun Fact: "pika pika" is Japanese for the sound of "flashing" like an electric spark would make, and "chu" is Japanese for "mouse." Put 'em together and viola! But The Leader can't help but wonder if this "mouse" was partly inspired by the adorable "pika," which is actually related to a rabbit. Hmm...
The Pokédex
Pikas are endangered! Go here to learn more.
See Also: Pika
LinkLoGo Pop Japan Travel  
Classification: Travel Agency / Tour Group
Description: You want cute? Go to Japan. You wanna go to Japan? Go on the Pop Japan Tour (for maximum cuteness exposure). Includes tours of anime studios, plus other J-pop-cultural-must-see-destinations.
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