LinkLoGo Seiyuu
Classification: Voice Actor/Actress
Description: The voices behind the cuteness that is anime.
Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu Database
(Searchable database of who did the voice for which character, what other characters they did, what singing groups they were in, and much, much more! THE source for seiyuu info.)
The Art of B-Man Soul Chaser Betty
Classification: Amerimanga
Description: Thematically kinda dark, but Betty (among others) is too cute to deny. This is a manga done by this character designer guy from right here in Chicagoland who works on video games. This link will take you to his general works page, which you should see before continuing on to the Betty site, because it's all good stuff.
Soulchaser Betty / The Art of BMAN
(The BMAN's personal site, with links to the online version of Soul Chaser Betty, galleries of his works, etc.)