(aka "Double-U")
Classification: H!P Duo
Description: J-Pop duo of epic proportions!
Yes, The Tenets state that The Cult shall not reference any live human types in its annals of cuteness, but we did throw in that convenient qualification of "with precious few exceptions," and W is one of those exceptions.
The "power duo" of Aibon and Nono is force of cutness to be reckoned with. While perhaps not as gratuitously or consistently cute as the original incarnation of their other Morning Musume side-project - Mini Moni - perhaps in an attempt to express the increasing maturity of two young ladies involved (because some people still have the foolish notion that cuteness is equivalent to immaturity), W are still one of the cutest groups out there. And this really has more to do with their sound than subjectively cute visuals.
When they're not attempting to show their range and validate themselves through the aforementioned R&B-styled excursions into maturity, W's songs are the musical equivalent of a bunny hopping through the forest, or a kitten batting at a butterfly - perky, bouncy, and irresistable. And, because it's J-pop and not Americrapop, the music is diverse and substantial to boot!
Check 'em out already!

LATE BREAKING NEWS!: Allegedly, Aibon has been suspended from W/Hello Project (supposedly for tobacco use?!). This would be completely wack if her career was over. First Mari Yaguchi leaves Mini Moni AND Morning Musume, then this?! Booo! Although I'm opposed to smoking and such more than the next guy, this is still soooo wrong! We want W!

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