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Name Description
N/A Momoko Age: 22. Occupation: Animal shelter manager and part time model/student.

Momoko inherited the shelter from her parents who mysteriously disappeared on her 13th birthday. Luckily, Momoko is a highly gifted young lady, and thus she was able to manage on her own; however, as is often the case with highly intelligent types, her brightness comes at the expense of some common sense/mental stability/social skills. She also has OCD "tendencies," and in some ways never quite matured past her teens. Thankfully (and perhaps not coincidentally), Akitsu appeared about the same time her parents disappeared, and he's been "helping out" in more ways than Momoko realizes ever since. Also, quite luckily, the shelter rarely gets any new animals, and has only had two permanent residents since Momoko took over - a (now inseperable) cat and a dog duo.

Momoko hates the absence of color (i.e. the "color" black) - yet another reason for her many attempts at "sprucing up" the less colorful of the cult animals.
Ken Fuun
Ken Fuun / Akitsu Ken Fuun - An animal-loving hermit sorcerer/scientist-type ("scientician") who created the "refraction amulet" around which The Cult story is based.

Akitsu - Species: Unknown (apparent cross between a pine marten and coati). Momoko found Akitsu at the shelter when she awoke from what she perceived to be a coma (after the refraction). She accepted him in without question, and grew so fond of him (due both to his excessively cute appearance/habits and his extremely helpful/lucky nature) that she decided to make him her personal pet instead of attempting to find him a new home.

Akitsu is supernaturally smart and dextrous for an animal, and this - along with his unknown genus and mysterious appearance - leads to questions about his origin, and leads Momoko to do lots of (some might say obsessive) research into his true nature.

Because Akitsu understands "animal speak," he learns of The Cult's plans and attempts to thwart them (in part because he understands the amulet's potential for evil, and realizes if The Cult succeeds they will go right back to try the ritual again, but also because prefers his life with Momoko to his former life as a hermit).

Akitsu loves pizza, hates little kids, and while very playful when he's with Momoko, he has quite a temper. Also, with the exception of his relationship w/Momoko, he is a total loner. Akitsu's "speach" sounds like a cross between growling and meowing - "Reeow."
Bronson / Thumbnail Bronson - Momoko's Dad. A very easy-going "smooth operator," nearly the polar opposite of the very emotional Periko.

Thumbnail - Species: Italian Greyhound. Resident unadoptable dog living at the shelter prior to the "cult" animals moving in. People initially think he's a normal greyhound puppy and assume they wouldn't be able to give him the space/exercise he needs once he grows up, and then when Momoko tells them he's actually middle-aged and this is as big as he'll get, they're disappointed and say they want a puppy.

Thumbnail sees Flopsy as being of a noble breed and both looks up to him and attempts to become his friend.
Periko / Icon Periko - Momoko's Mom. Periko is a compulsive worrier and tends to blow things out of proportion.

Icon - Species: Siamese. Resident unadoptable cat living at the shelter prior to the "cult" animals moving in. Icon and Thumbnail have been with Momoko and Akitsu since day 1, and they generally just mope around together. Once the cult animals move in, "the two" (as they are often referred to) get even more depressed because they consider the new animals competition that - combined with their old age and desire to be kept together - will guarantee that they'll never get adopted.

Due to her Siamese tone of voice, people think Icon is crying all the time, although she vehemently asserts that she's not. Unfortunately, these emotional protests just end up sounding like even more crying, and always make Momoko burst out crying herself saying, "OOhh, it's OK Icon, *I* love you!!" and such.

Icon eventually gets jealous of Thumbnail's reverence for Flopsy, and starts trying to hang out with Wiskas, but Wiskas wants nothing to do with her.
Harold Esquillax II / Diabunnical Ruthless and devoid of conscience, but also completely stupid (giving many of his self-described "fiendish plots" a comical bent), Harold bought the spell that eventually turned The Cult into critters off some guy on a street corner because he, "simply looked too well-dressed NOT to be pure, unadulterated evil." Momoko dubs Harold's rabbit form Diabunnical given his constant sinister scowl which, "is just wrong for such a cute bunny!"

While most of the cultists have extremely shallow reasons for supporting Harold's plan for world domination, his reason is truly befitting of his eventual animal form - he wants to breed. But merely having his choice of women isn't enough - he wants to be the only male breeder on Earth (his stupidity preventing him from seeing the eventual negative consequences of such a plan).

Harold resents creative people, and were he to take over the world, he would eliminate as many creative professions as possible.
Presley Muir / Flopsy McWrinkle Presley is the quitessential follower. He heeds Harold's word as law no matter how stupid his ideas are. He joins the cult and supports Harold's plans for world domination so that others may learn (or be forced to) follow as he does, and so that he'll only have one person to follow instead of being presented with so many possible options in life.

As Flopsy, Presley becomes conflicted when Thumbnail makes attempts to be his friend and shows reverence for him - in effect following him, and looking to him for answers when he has none (and neither - really - does Diabunnical, who he so loyally follows). Consequently, he eventually starts to think for himself, learning to follow only his own instincts and finding his own worth.
Jake Hebis / Creepy-Eepy A total pervert and "mack daddy"-type in his human form, Jake falls in love with Momoko at first sight. She is horrified of him (thus the "creepy" monnicker), but tries to keep an open mind about all creatures, and insists he has "cute inside him," which leads to the inevitable puns about eating cute little critters. He is determined to change peoples' opinion of him and put his pervy ways behind him.
Dan Oldmann / Branburglar Named due to his masked appearance and fondness for Raisin Bran cereal (actually, cereal in general - which he cannot resist under any circumstances), Branburglar (or Bran for short) is definitely the most dedicated to getting his human form back besides Harold. He often runs off on "missions" of his own, though these rarely amount to anything due to his getting distracted by his hunger.
Tory Thegacheux / Honky Since he was an African American in his human form, it's particularly traumatic when Momoko decides to name him Honky. But what's even more traumatic is that, despite being a bird, he can't figure out how to fly, and his attempts to do so go hilariously awry. Momoko is (understandably) concerned about the prospects of being able to find someone interested in adopting a goose, so she tries desperately to "cuten" him up, which further infuriates the already "angry black man."
Kaméro DeSoio / LyDon A meth addict in his human form, Kam/LyDon is now so pleased with having ditched his old habit that he shows little desire to be changed back, and adopts a very casual attitude on things. Momoko naturally thinks she'd name the turtle "Shelly" if it were a girl, and "Sheldon" if it were a boy, but since she can't tell what it is, she opts for this non-gender-specific amalgam.
Gilbert Mazuna / Legs Upon arriving in his animal form, he is a bit perplexed as to why he can't breathe, and when he discovers he's a fish, he freaks out and has to try to get his associates to put him in some water. Unfortunately for Gilbert, The Cult members are all understandably confused after the refraction, so he gets close to death's door before they end up putting him in a pitcher the cult normally uses for beer, which ends up giving him brain damage, leading to very weird dialog throughout the series (although he is rarely seen due to his stationary nature).

Given Akitsu's foxlike nature, he looks upon the Legs as a meal and is always trying to snatch him.
Katrina Nekoski / Wiskas Momoko decides to name this fat cat Wiskas™ in hopes that she could get the cat food company to "sponsor" her to cover her food costs now that she has so many new animals to take care of. Katrina's animal side inadvertantly (and much to her human personality's digust) develops a bit of a "thing" for Akitsu (not realizing that he was once human as well). She is always trying to keep up with the latest trends even in her cat form.
No Name
Fritz Haas / No Name When the gang arrives at the shelter, Momoko doesn't notice the little hummingbird flitting around because she's looking down at all the other animals, and when she takes them in, he ends up getting left out in the cold as it were. He is very saddened by this because he is the needy type who joined the cult just so he could have some friends. Thus, he ends up hanging around outside, and Momoko invariably tries to "shoo" him away because she takes his fast flight and aggressive attempts to get close to her as him attacking her.

'No Name' acts as The Cult's especially bumbling "connection" to the outside world.

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