The Cult of Cute's Frequently (or not) Asked Questions.

Here it is, everything you wanted to know about the Cult but were afraid to ask for fear of harsh retribution (aka being "dealt with" by The Leader).

Now it may be worth noting that some of these are "preemptive strikes" as it were (because The Leader can read your mind!) or in some cases, perhaps questions The Leader has asked himself, or just generally interesting factoids to help rope in more cultists.

So enjoy, and feel free to submit your questions to the Leader using the e-mail address that can be found on the home page of the Cult.




1.) So are you really a cult?
2.) So why did you start this?  What's so great about cute stuff?  etc.
3.) So how do I join?


1.) Q – So are you really a cult? A – In all honesty - no. We're just a bunch of folks who really, REALLY dig cute stuff, and are not in denial about that fact. However, according to Webster's, YES!:
"cult ... 5: a. a great devotion to a person, idea, or thing esp. such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad. b. a usu. smal circle of persons united by devotion or allegiance to an artistic or intellectual movement or figure."
Of course our devotion to and interest in all things cute is certainly NOT faddish! Cuteness is here to stay!
2.) Q – So why did you start this? etc. A – The Leader started the Cult to honor and promote cute stuff after he realized the amazing power of this abstract concept.

Around the time when The Leader(a notoriously reclusive slacker)'s love for anime motivated him to embark upon both his first trip by airplane AND his first trip outside the US (all in one shot via his participation in the very first Pop Japan Travel Tour - see our Links page for more info), he experienced an "awakening" to the great power of cuteness. Not only could it drive him to such lengths, but he also noticed that while he was generally an angry, depressed individual, listening to ultra-cute music from anime series, or recalling bits from cute manga series always managed to cheer him up instantly - it never failed!

Then, to test the power of cute, he did a little experiment where he would deprive himself of the various sources of cuteness in his life until he had stopped one of his bad habits for a "personal best" amount of time. It worked like a charm! The draw of the cute overpowered any other obstacle. Thus it was decided - the world must know of this great power - and the Cult was born.

But the Cult was also started to destroy the stigma associated with MEN liking cute things - that notion that if you even used the term "cute" it somehow made you less of a man (as presented by a certain beer commercial), and that if you liked cute stuff, it made you weird or creepy. LIES! The men of the Cult proclaim their appreciation for all things cute with PRIDE and will kick your ass like Gloomy Bear tag-teaming with the PowerPuff girls if you try and give us any slack for it!
3.) Q – So how do I join? A – Hey, just by visiting the site you're an honorary member. We have no "official" membership application process at the moment, but we're working on it. We'll be offering up some goodies for joining as well. Keep your eyes peeled.
See also the 10 Tenets of the Cult.