The Leader's Trip to "The Funny Club Show" Opening @ Rotofugi
03/04/05 – A good date for something.
Rotofugi – A store/gallery for artistic cuteness.
Funny Club – From what I gather, a designer toy making outfit, who in this particular case, offered up a canvas in the form of a odd looking little monkey-like figure, on which various designers made anywhere from minimal modifications to whole scale reconfigurations, each and all applying their own artistic touch to a tiny finished product that produced a big impact on The Leader and many others I'm sure.
The designers in question came from all over the world, and their ideas reflected the diversity of their backgrounds. Who would've imagined so many possible outcomes from such a simple starting point?
One such designer was none other than honorary cult member James Liu of fizziefuzzie fame, who had the self-proclaimed pleasure of having his work situated near one of his favorite fellow entries in the show. Isn't it nice how that works out sometimes?
Perhaps it's somehow representative of the still close-knit nature of this growing field in the US - that fan can still be on the same level as famed.
The owners of the store/gallery also certainly share this spirit of equality and lack of snobbery which is a rarity in any other such "chic" setting. Like true DIY promoters, enticing patrons with free drinks and lending a tripod to a hapless wannabe photog (yours truly), you'd be hard-pressed to find a friendlier lot of folks in a similar position.
Another sign of the grounded-nature of the participants in this show, was how, during all the chaos of the opening night, the creators of the figures were there, not only doing the meet and greet thing, but also throwing down with some original creations of their own, on the spot.
It was sort of reminiscent of character designers doing sketches for crazed throngs of otaku at anime conventions. I didn't get to see any of their creations, but it'd be interesting to see what they came up with apart from some of the production designs they'd done before.
The crowd on this night was also as diverse as the number of different entries in the show. Everyone from art gallery hipster types, to goth punks to the average Joe came to enjoy the cuteness of it all.
Which leads to the question - can a monster ripping a deer in half really be considered cute? Yes! Just check the 10 Tenets of the Cult and you'll see that sometimes ugly can be cute, and that certainly was the case on this night.
No matter how nasty the design, the toyishness of the foundation on which they were formed made each figure cuter than the next, while the detail that many employed secured their status as more than mere toys - these were without question works of art.
Or those were my impressions anyway. But what do I know about partying or anything else for that matter?
Judge for yourself - go down and check out the show yourself (the pictures here are but a tiny sampling of the total collection), and buy some goodies while you're there. It's almost impossible not to, and if they don't have anything that suits your fancy your first visit, stop back again soon, because their stock changes amazingly fast. Check out their Website for proof and more pics of the show. Don't tell 'em I sent ya though, 'cuz you'll lose cred.