Merch and Goodies!
We now have a number of "prototype" t-shirts and stickers available!
These are totally homemade models, but they look very nice nonetheless, and have we got a deal for you on them! Dig this:

We'll custom design a shirt for you using any of our current graphics, and we'll send it out to you along with some stickers for FREE (all we ask is that you wear the shirt(s) / display the sticker(s) where other anime/cute fans might see them.

THEN, if/when we get professionally-printed shirts, we'll send you one of them for free too as a thank you for promoting the site/merch!! Too good to be true? Maybe. I guess it all depends on your stance on totally DIY heat-transfer type shirts. 

Ringer.jpg (10401 bytes)

BlackShirt.jpg (2873 bytes)

"No Parking" Yellow with Chocolate ringer with linear Kanji on front and pink "Pentagram" logo on arm (this is the shirt I wore to ACEN2K4 as my first promotional attempt).
Grim Goth black with big heart Kanji on front and blue "pentagram" logo on arm (the most professional looking shirt due to the dark-fabric transfer sheets).

WhiteShirt.jpg (4514 bytes)

"Sweat Stain" White (aka "Natural") large pink "pentagram" logo on front and linear Kanji on back.  The front looks awesome and totally professionally done.
Here are the graphics we have to work with. 

These are all available as stickers as well as various combinations for shirts. 

For those that don't know, the two Totoro graphics are derived from Shepard Fairey's OBEY/Andre the Giant Has a Posse graphic line/sticker campaign.  I thought it would be hilarious to use Totoro in place of Andre, so I made up the graphics.  I'm currently working on a shirt with a large version of the "Totoro Has a Posse" logo on the front and the small "OBEY" logo on the back.  I'm psyched.  I'm also going to send Shepard copies of these graphics as he has a collection of OBEY-inspired copy graphics.

The "No H" means "No Hentai."  For those that don't know, hentai is the pornographic anime stuff, which we at the Cult think is cut, and not cute (see the 10 Tenets of the Cult).  This logo reflects that belief.   If you share this belief, get this t-shirt to represent and have fun confusing people in the process!  Keep it cute.

The various Kanji designs were partly inspired by my friend James Liu of FizzieFuzzie fame. 
OG_Blue125.jpg (6056 bytes)
Blue Pentagram Logo
OG_Pink125.jpg (5809 bytes)
Pink Pentagram Logo
CuteHeart.jpg (5131 bytes)
Heart Kanji
NoH.jpg (12780 bytes)
No H
Posse.jpg (5622 bytes)
Totoro Has a Posse
OBEY_TOTORO.jpg (6867 bytes)
OBEY Ripoff
LinearKanji.jpg (7649 bytes)
Linear Kanji