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Animazement 2015



The more things change, the more they stay the same...

NOTE: More of a report than a review.


S.S. Astro


Yen Press

Unrealized potential unredeemed by cuteness.


Various Anime Fansubs

Video Files


A sampling of mostly great releases awaiting US releases. - "Golden Sky"


Capitol Music

More "Cuxey" dance music.
You know you can't resist it!


Funny Club Show

Live Event


Our first "event" review (more of an article really - no ratings).


Bambee - "Fairytales"


EMI/Intercord Japan

"Cuxey" dance music.
Dance already, will you?!


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Theatrical Release 

Production I.G. 

The finest in animation!
Just plain rad sci-fi masterpiece.


ParaPara Kawaii



The ultimate dance mix for fans of YuGiOh! (or anyone else with REALLY BAD TASTE). False advertising run amok!


 UNDER17 – "Bishojo Game Songs Ni Ai Wo!! (Best 1)"



The pinnacle of "cute metal" - hard rockin' guitars meet adorably rambunctious vocals over danceable beats!
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Overall Rating 
Top notch, El-Solo #1, practically peerless, mandatory, etc.


Excellenté, wunderbar, I'm still searching for problems, what are you waiting for?


Well, it's pretty good except for..., it's OK but it's too bad about...


Erm...needs some work. Maybe worth dubbing off a friend (or enemy?).


A total pile.


0 thumbs up.


Cuteness Rating 
Induces uncontrollable giddiness, makes Pokémon seem like a horror series, etc.


Just the thought of this sort of sugary-sweet goodness causes cavities!


If you squint just right, it's sorta reminiscent of Nermal.


An acquired taste at best, Kurt VanHouten at worst.




0 Ryo-Ohkis
Makes your mom cry. "Put it next to me, and women will actually take ME!" - The Leader.