What we have here is the first full length from DDR favorite Bambee. Perhaps not as well known as her 2nd CD - "On Ice" - which includes her "hits" ("Bumblebee" and "Bam Bam Bam") , this is still a dandy CD. It's also an obvious forerunner to, or perhaps inspiration for my beloved UNDER17 in terms of bubbly cuteness and addictive catchiness.

The differences between U17 and Bambee (other than nationality - I believe Bambee is from the dance capital of Europe - Sweden, which means all the lyrics are in English here) is that 1.) Bambee's stock in trade is what I can only describe as the perfect (to any guy with a pulse anyway) blend of cute AND sexy, while U17 seem to take the more purely "cute" angle, and 2.) Bambee's music is nearly all electronic versus U17's hyper-kinetic guitar-driven attack. The latter fact is probably what ends up keeping this album from receiving my highest rating.

Indeed, while cuteness most definitely abounds here, and there's energy to spare, the music leaves something to be desired. Sure, it's danceable as all get-out (and it's all I can do to restrain myself from getting up and getting down while listening to this at work), but vocals aside, it gets a bit repetitive after a while. The only noteable break from the usual rave-beat with its pulsing synth bass kick is the reggae-styled album closer (not counting bonus tracks) "Caribbean Blue."

Thankfully though, the vocals ARE great, and tend to distract one from the monotony of some of the music (even for the realms of techno, there's nothing really innovative here). Chirping away like a seiyuu singing in character, Bambee seems intent on brightening your day with lyrics just suggestive enough to make guys melt while tying them in to themes of romance to tickle the hearts of gals by evoking fond memories or appealing to fantasy. Afterall, these are "Fairytales" and there's a tale for everyone to swoon over. Some of the more cynical folks might consider these lyrics a bit cheesy, but for fans of the cute stuff, the cheese is just the right topping on a deliciously danceable delicacy.

Not quite mandatory, but still highly recommended. 2 Minute Sample.

Visit Japan to pick up this CD, because Bambee's Website ( mentioned in the CD insert no longer seems to be active.