"Golden Sky"

Like Bambee who I reviewed previously, are heros of the DDR universe. They practice a similar form of mostly happy, upbeat dance music with heavy J-pop influence/leanings. even go so far to acknowledge their Japanese fanbase as to sing in Japanese on one song, and employ some distinctly Oritentally-tinged melodies on a couple tunes. Combine this with their Swedish orign, and you've got some real exotic potential.

And indeed, if Swedes singing in Japanese isn't odd enough for you, there's the strange juxtaposition of the imagery of singer Malin (who you'd SWEAR would have a sort of dark, seductively husky voice) mixed with the nearly elfin glee on this CD. But as weird as it seems at first, when they're on, it REALLY works.

Sadly, the magic that opener "Domo Domo Domo" kicks in with burns out towards the end of the CD, but thankfully my version features the awesome bonus track (and longtime favorite of mine) "Tokyo" to round things out on a high note.

No, musically it's not something a lot of people will site as influential to perk up the ears of the well-versed - you've got your dance beats, your keyboards, you know the drill. But the girls can sing, and the vibe's the thing - it just makes you feel good, whether its by making you laugh, or rousing your libido - all the bouncing around you'll be doing while listening to this is bound to stir up something pleasant.

"But Leader," you ask, "is it cute?" Oh GOD yes! I don't know exactly how they do it. Perhaps they have some "bubbly" filter they run the mix through before committing it to CD that perks up the beats, injects the vocals with the subliminal appeal of a kitten's meow, and adjusts the frequencies in such a way that the sound waves make the muscles in your face involuntarily contract into...a SMILE!

So go ahead and let the hooks do their job! 2 Minute Sample.

Visit's Website for more info and some videos and such.