UNDER17 Bishojo Game Song Ni Ai Wo!! (Best 1) (CD)

Oh my. This is the sort of thing we here at The Cult absolutely LIVE for.

What we have here is some of the cutest music ever created. Flat out, straight up, full on cuteness. No pretentious nonsense, no beating around the bush, just pure unadulterated cute like only the Japanese can conjure up.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, most of the time it means "mousey" high-pitched female vocals with a delivery reminiscent of a love-struck teenage catgirl on Jolt and a bag of pixie sticks (or more likely a box of Pocky) being pinched in a playful manner or maybe poked Pillsbury Doughboy-style by her beloved, over shredding guitar and uptempo dance beats with tons of synth fireworks. Get the picture? Think video game music sped up and topped with the sweetest vocal sprinkles.

And while the music generally pushes the limits of hyperactivity, with the vocals teetering between indignant yelling and bursting out laughing (while somehow still managing to hit notes in a musical manner), they occasionally mellow things out a little for some more "sentimental"-feeling songs. But these more tender moments are not the typical snoozer ballad fare. Certainly not, because this group never loses their focus, and that focus is Cabbit-on-carrots feel-good music. So when they break it down, it's not too far down, and it's always sung with a smile in the end.

I don't know much about this group's background except that their singer is a cosplaying computer geek (which I of course mean in the best way possible - think Chiyo-chan crossed with Sailor Mercury, Lain, and maybe oh...Little Washuu with some Yomi-style spectacles) who does the voice of Nurse Witch Komugi and some other anime characters, and their guitarist...well he just rocks! Apparently they started out doing music for err... dating sim games (thus the title of the album), but now they've broken into performing live at anime and gaming conventions. How rad is that?

Now, my Japanese skills are well...sub-survival at best, but from I can discern (and guess for that matter), the lyrics on this probably aren't what you'd call "deep" or "meaningful" by any stretch of the imagination...and that makes me love it all the more! Really, this CD is all about fun - the world is messed up and gives us enough to worry about, do we really need bands/musicians beating us over the head with their dissertations on these problems, or whining about their own problems? Of course not!

Music is supposed to be entertaining, not a soapbox or the news, and I'll be DAMNED if this isn't one heck of an entertaining CD that has the remarkable ability to cheer/wake me up any time I listen to it!

So in summary, this CD rules. Some people might be thrown by the band name, but they'll really be missing something - music doesn't get much cuter than this, and especially while managing to rock this hard at the same time. I can't wait to get "...Best 2!!"

Mandatory for all Cult members! 2 Minute MP3 Sample - Ichigo...Go! Go!