The Plot   

The Cult's Web manga - coming soon! (and that's real)

Here's the plan as it stands at the moment: I - your fearless leader - being a huge anime/manga fan (with far too active imagination) have decided to create my own manga. Now, I have confidence in my writing knack, but given my as-of-yet unproven, and at best, rusty artistic skills, I have concocted the idea of,, comissioning different unknown (but hopefully not for long ^_^) artists to draw an episode or two. Then, I will let the readers choose their favorite artist to - should they choose to accept the mission - draw the series either until I get my drawing up to the task, or to its logical conclusion. Or, maybe it'll go the other way around - I'll draw the series myself until it has achieved a level of popularity worthy of comissioning special guest artists!

So, whether you're an aspiring manga artist looking for a outlet for your art, or an established artist looking to do something new, contact The Leader, and we'll make it happen!

BUT, until we get around to launching this diabolical attempt at distracting you from both your problems and responsibilities, we leave you to ponder the TRUE motives of those around you...hmmm...