The Cult of Cute Brainwashing Anthem of the Month Contest.
Here's how it works:
You send "The Leader" your entry either via a link to wherever an MP3 of the theme is located, e-mail, CD, or for you true dinosaurs – a cassette tape. Then, The Leader uses his infinite wisdom and unquestionably refined good taste (just play along with me here folks ^_^ ) to pick a winner. If there are no entries for a month, either last month's will carry over if The Leader views it with great favor, or he will choose a song from one of his various musical projects (in other words, you will be punished for your lack of dedication to the cult!).

Monthly winners not only will have their winning song placed on the official Cult Website (i.e. this one) for a month (for all the world to hear!...or all three or so members of the world's populace who actually visit this site), but also, at the end of the year they will receive a free copy of a CD compiling all the winning songs for that month (with ultra-cute CD artwork by an esteemed cult member of The Leader's choosing), and various pieces of primo cult merch. The CD will also be available exclusively to cult members for a ridiculously modest price (seriously...think: postage).