The Leader's ANCIENT History


I have no idea why I'm putting these out on the internet except that I wanted to have some more content on this site.   These drawings, although quite poor, remind me of a simpler time - when I could watch one anime episode week after week, I actually had TIME to sit around and draw, I had inspiration, motivation, etc. etc.  Good times.  Most of these were done with pen on this tissue-type paper they put between sheets of glass at the LCD factory I worked at.  Please don't hold these drawings against me.  My knowledge of anime has increased dramatically since these were made, and I actually have somewhat of a clue now.   Be on the lookout for some new works from "The Leader" in the not-so-near future.
Wanna Be GO!! Be Afraid...
One of my earliest attempts at an anime character.  I was obsessed with Ah! My Goddess (I still am of course, but back then I didn't have dozens of DVDs and such to dilute my interests). Here's another VERY early work I did for the band I was in back in high school.  It's raw, but brings back some nice memories. OK, so before I began to truely embrace the joys of cuteness, I was a morose soul.  I tried to create "evil" looking characters for an interesting contrast of cute and "cult."  Here's an early example.
Be Very Afraid. Weak. Lum Chan!
More spookiness and Ah! My Goddess obsession. Not sure what I was thinking with this one.  I guess I had a strange desire to make characters that were more "realistic" looking but still maintained an anime vibe.  I failed. One of my last drawings before college and later the 9-5 grind sapped the creativity out of me.  Also my first attempt at drawing an existing character.  This is Lum (one of my favorite characters of all time) in some weird pseudo battle gear I saw her in once.  I'm so very sorry...
True 'Til Death!
No, she's not dead...
OK, it's the early-mid 90's I'm obsessed with anime, and Straight Edge.  So I figure, I'll make an ode to the two.  This is probably my favorite piece.  Not that it's any good, but at least it's somewhat unique and I had a better grasp of how to make the character look like an anime character...too bad I can't draw hands...Oh yeah - color!


True 'Til Death!
Laying down on the job?!
OK, so, this isn't necessarily so ancient, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's good either, thus it ended up here. Yep, so here's my first hand-drawn rendering of The Cult's former spokeswoman Momoko, enjoying a bit of Azumanga Daioh on one of her days off. Actually, I don't think the body turned out so horrible, but her eyes are ALL messed-up. Oh well.