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From The Leader: "It's been a long, long, LONG time coming, but I'm back!  So what has brought me back after a two year hiatus you ask?  Why, nothing less than my first anime convention adventure in 8 years!  Read all about it if you dare here: Animazement 2015 Report.  And yes, I am hoping this will herald the return to regular updates to the site once again, hopefully with a whole new design soon, because this one is not only woefully dated, but a pain in the BUTT to maintain.  Anyway...

The Leader"
From The Leader: "Got a package from CDJapan today, which is always a good thing, but besides my expected ordered items (Panache's "Sky Believe," Airi Totoki character CD, and YuiKaori's "Puppy"), I was pleasantly surprised to find a bonus Panache poster! Sweet! Indeed, I was pleased enough to post this - my first update to this site in THREE YEARS! Yeah, so check it out...
So will this be the beginning of renewed regular updates to the site? Only time will tell...

The Leader"
From The Leader: "The Cult of Cute has gone musical!

Indeed, as a (not so) ingenious tie-in to The Cult of Cute Web Manga storyline, we have formed a band consisting of Momoko on vocals, The Two Mikes on guitars and bass, and Essar Sickstein on drums.
I, of course, am their manager.

Experience the first Cult of Cute recordings HERE!

Peep game.

The Leader"
From The Leader: "OK, OK, I know I've been seriously slacking on updates to the site for like...forever, but I recently was made aware of the fact that people are actually still visiting this place, so it was time to justify my renewal of the domain and get crackin'.Sadly, about all I was able to muster were this review of the manga "S.S. Astro," and this requisite link to one of the cutest songs I've heard in ages (I know, I know, resorting to a YouTube link for an update - pathetic - but it's worth it I assure you).It's the opening from the anime "Ouran High School Host Club."The series doesn't look too appealing to me, but the song is AMAZING. Check it:

As usual, I've got some ideas cookin' though, and I honestly hope to be doing more around here.No really, I'm serious this time! ^_^

Until then...

The Leader"

From The Leader: "See, I told you to stay tuned!

OK, granted, no new developments on The CoC Web manga, but an update no less.

On tap today, a mini-barrage of Fansub Reviews: Zero No Tsukaima, Dokuro-chan, Bamboo Blade, Shakugen No Shana, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, and Minami-ke!

What are you waiting for? Get chompin'!

The Leader"
From The Leader: "Holy SOMETHING - three updates in under six months?No foolin'.

Today's news: I'm back from my most recent pilgrimmage to The Holy Land (Japan) and the inspiration/motivation is a-flowin'!!Check out my Flickr page for visual documentation of the trip.

As a result of the soul-recharge my time in Japan provided, I've been getting productive.The first result of this productive mode: The AMULATOR design and definition is/are DONE.Yep, it's only a matter of time now...

In other news, I've completed my first piece of fan art in AGES, and surprise, surprise - it's Azumanga Daioh-related!Check it out on my DeviantArt page and comment if thou are so inclined.

For the first time in ages, I can actually say - stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Finally, I feel inclined to mention that since returning from Japan, I have become thoroughly obsessed with the following: Himeko Sakuragawa/Marvel Parfait, Mo Soundrops, and Hugging Pillows. I encourage all my fellow cultists to check into these wonders of kawaiiosity.

The Leader"
From The Leader: "Say what? Two updates in a month? Believe it!

Today's news: The Cult of Cute character profiles are done and up.


The Leader"
From The Leader: "It may very well be a miracle...
Believe it or not, The Cult is not only still alive and well, but we've actually managed to accomplish the nearly unthinkable task of completing the character designs for the Web manga that tells our story - The Cult of Cute!!!! Yes, it's true, the designs - rough as they may be - are now a wrap, and can be viewed on my DeviantArt page. Once we get the character profiles all finalized, they'll be here as well. Until then, go take a look and leave me some comments eh?

In other news, seeing as it's been soooo long since our last update, we have a couple other announcements.

First of all, there are some changes on the horizon here at The Cult - we will likely be nixing the "Cute Compendium" in favor of a couple new collections of 'cuteformation' as we like to call it around here. We're always striving to bring you something new and useful, and we think we've arrived at a couple fun new ways of bringing it to you. More on that as we firm it up.

Secondly, we have a number of new "mini shrines" in the works, because despite what the organizers of ACEN might have you believe, anime and manga are alive and kicking, and JAPAN continues to churn out the cuteness like there's no tomorrow. As a little teaser, or to put the gears in motion, we've added some CULT EXCLUSIVE Lucky Star Windows backgrounds to our "Gallery" page. Get on 'em!

Finally, it seems some rogue members of The Cult have decided to disobey the addendum to our 10 Tenets, and have been cobbling together some pages dedicated to certain cute humans with intentions to secretly implement them here on the sanctified realms of The Cult's Homebase! Well, rest assured I shall do my best to squelch such 3D blasphemy, but if you happen to stumble upon such pages whilst browsing this site in the future, don't say I didn't warn you.

And so on that ominous note, I bid you farewell as I am quite tired from celebrating the grand achievements outlined in today's update. As always, thanks for stopping by, and don't be afraid to contact me with your comments or suggestions at the e-mail address noted on our Contacts page.

The Leader"